The Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Company that Changes Everything

A Solution for Mass Electrification of Transportation

As society chooses to electrify transportation as a primary tool in the fight against climate change, the number of lithium-ion batteries in circulation worldwide is drastically increasing. Managing waste from batteries at the end of their useful life has consequently become a significant new environmental issue.


By 2040, over 2 million tonnes of lithium-ion batteries will need to be recycled annually in the United States alone.

The Birth of a High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Plant

Before Lithion Recycling’s innovation, there was no complete solution for recycling lithium-ion batteries in a sustainable way. The percentage of battery components recovered by previous methods was small and the environmental impact was enormous. That’s a thing of the past now, thanks to the Lithion Recycling team and the economical, sustainable, and high-performance treatment process that they’ve successfully developed.

The Lithion Recycling solution recovers 95% of lithium-ion battery components and regenerates high-purity materials that can be used to manufacture new rechargeable batteries. This technology seriously reduces pressure for new raw material extraction and minimizes the ecological debt of electric vehicles.

Worldwide Deployment

Following a three-step development plan, twenty-some lithium-ion battery recycling locations will be installed in North America and Europe. A pilot plant is being built in Quebec in 2019, with support from major industry players who want to accelerate adoption of the technology around the world.

Collaborating with Quebec’s Top Industrial Process Engineering Expert

Our team works closely with our sister company, engineering-consulting firm Seneca, which has unparalleled knowhow in developing industrial transformation processes.

Having completed thousands of complex and ground-breaking industrial projects, including complete commissioning of commercial plants, Seneca is a major player in the engineering world. Lithion Recycling benefits by having access to the best expertise available to make judicious technological choices that expedite development of a commercially viable solution.

Discover Lithion Recycling’s multi-phase technology development approach.